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Dominx Box

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This state of the arts dominoes box will make you forget about the need for a dominoes table to stand your tiles, as the box is design to split into four parts that can be used as stands for your Dominoes. Suitable for ages 8 and up, all you need is one to four people and a flat surface to get this game of Double-6 Dominoes started. Bring your Dominx Box with you anywhere, to family game nights or to a dinner party with friends. This multipurpose box will protect your dominoes and improve your game experience as you will no longer need to hold the tiles on your hands. With the Dominx Box, you will receive everything you need to play a competitive and friendly game of Double-6 Dominoes. The game of Dominoes can be played in several fun ways, or you can tap into your creativity and come up with your own games.

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